Where to buy window regulators? Well, if you are not fixated on authorised spare suppliers, you can buy high quality window regulators from DBAutoshop, of course! DBAutoshop stocks and sells long lasting and reliable window regulators that work well for TATA trucks. As we are not authorised suppliers though, our products come with a seller’s warranty and not a manufacturer’s one. DBAutoshop also stocks used, reconditioned or old reusable parts, if you don’t find fresh parts to be too pocket friendly.
Window Regulators, the hardly acknowledged and mostly unmentioned of auto parts, is actually one that is no just important but also most hard working. Yes, that small part that you use when you endlessly roll your windows up and down, from the time that you get your car or truck home till the time you are done with it, is the tireless window regulator!

Though car and truck window regulators are built to last for a long time, persistent use that causes intense wear and tear leaves you with no option but to go for a replacement. Here’s a lowdown on all that you need to know about window regulators.
That There Are Different Types Of Them

There are basically two basic kinds of window regulators, the manual kind and the power kind. Within each of these types there are the scissor type and then the cable type. Manual window regulators, those most basic of regulators require the manual rotation of a handle in order for the window glass to either come up or go down. These are obviously becoming scarce in this era of ease (and laziness). Power window regulators use electricity and thus enable the upward and downward movement of the window glass with a press of a button.

Scissor type window regulators are designed in the shape of your regular scissors, wherein an expansion involves the window going up and a contraction or fold involves the window coming down. The issue with these is that they require wheels on their end, which are very vulnerable to wear and tear. These regulators are noisy, sloppy and oftentimes unpredictable because with use they may cause the glass to either tilt sideways or fall down into the door.

The cable window regulators are the modern of the two designs, made to use less space inside the doors and made to be compatible with most modern safety devices. These regulators are vulnerable to breakage, due to their more complicated design. When the cables and pulleys wear out, these generally snap and the window glass falls inwards.

Why Do You Need Them

Well, at least this is obvious. Everyone who finds the need to roll their windows up or down (for whatever reason) needs these to the job for them. Enough said, methinks.

Where To Buy Window Regulators

Where to buy window regulators? For TATA trucks from DBAutoshop of course! For other truck makes, find yourself a seller that sells legit, genuine parts. DBAutoshop stocks and sells long lasting and reliable window regulators for TATA trucks. You can call us and place and order to buy window regulators for your truck with supreme ease, convenience and cost effectiveness. They come as exact-fit spares whether you absolutely no not need a welder (or even a chainsaw) to get them to fit your truck. If you have any questions DBAutoshop, or any other genuine seller for that matter, would be happy to assist you with questions pertaining to the products, their warranty and their compatibility with your truck.

What To Consider When Replacing Your Window Regulators With Spares

Of course you must buy authentic spares and not try to save money on cheap counterfeits. But I guess everyone who loves his or her trucks knows this. If you want your new window regulator to run smoothly make sure that you invest in a grease spray from your local hardware store and thoroughly lubricate all moving parts on your window regulator at the time of installation. During replacement, check the exteriors of your window sweep properly. Should the felt be damaged, this is the right time to replace it since it will get done at the same time and spare you more time and related costs. By the way, another thing that you may not know – if your are even a bit skilled with tools, you can actually install your window regulators yourself. All you need is a screwdriver set, an Allen wrench, a plastic pry tool and of course a replacement window regulator kit. But we leave that DIY is for another day.

written by :- Sayali Bedekar Patil
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