5 Tips To Save Money On Your Truck’s Repair And Maintenance
Your truck is not just your source of income. It is possibly your most cherished asset. And why wouldn’t it be? It has been there for you in rain and shine, running your chores in dark and day, and it has been expending its life on your business!

So just like a mom experiencing trepidation while taking her baby to a vaccination center, it is but obvious that you’d feel a bit nervous taking your truck to its doctor, ermm, mechanic or technician. Even for the most emotionally detached truck owners, the feeling is still all too real. Simply because a trip to the service center for repairs or routine maintenance is metaphorically like walking right into a dark abyss of unexpected, unplanned expenses.

Something or the other is bound to need replacement, something or the other is bound to require changes and something or the other is bound to be a big future risk to your truck’s engine. And all of these are bound to tax your pockets!

It really needn’t be so actually. Here are our 5 tips to help you save money:
(1) Choose Your Repair/Maintenance Workshop Wisely

Of course you’re not the first one to be drawn to a clean, posh facility with coffee machines in the lounge area and walls dotted with certificates. But trust me, you’d be smarter to check out their reviews online or offline, talk to the technicians there and compare their diagnostics with others before you settle for choosing them.

You know what they say about judging the book by its cover. Sometimes, it works out to be more economical to go to a less glam facility that diagnoses the problem better and serves you promptly, leaving you with lesser downtimes and thus saving you some bucks.

In fact, you could even drop by at DBAutoshop to get some expert diagnostic advice as a second or third opinion. That could definitely save you some money. Didn’t we already mention that our man, Mr. Bedekar has over 35 years of sterling diagnostic experience? Many will vouch that he can tell you the problem in the first shot itself, while many famed, MBA certified and celebrated big shots struggle to do so in the very first session

(2) Find A Technician Who Listens

Sometimes the difference between two equally knowledgeable and qualified truck technicians is their listening skills. Find one that takes the time to listen to your issues with your truck. Many a hapless truck owners end up spending more on something their technician corrected but was never really a problem; or something the technician didn’t really correct the first tine round and you had to send in your truck for another session with him.

A mechanic that listens to all your problems and then goes about fixing them saves your truck a lot of downtime and you a lot of money. Just remember, the less time your service guy is willing to spend with you, trying to understand your problem, the more amount of time he is going to need in the back end and the more bucks you are going to be shelling out per hour.

(3) Find One That Speaks Your Language

If you find yourself dumbly nodding off any references to clutch boosters, master cylinders and window regulators; or if talk of brake liners and brake drums leaves you with a confusion related headache, you might want to find someone you can translate auto talk into regular layman language. You’re less likely to be cheated when you understand the issue and what is to be done to sort it out. Or at the every least, you are less likely to feel cheated. And yes, unscrupulous technicians are unfortunately very real and very rampant in the industry.

(4) Use the Correct Equipment And Spare Parts

You want save money in the long run, use on genuine truck parts and spares when it comes to service and repairs. Also, find a service station that carries the parts you require and have the necessary equipment and people to push the work through. You don’t want your trucks stranded in the workshop for three days when it should have been in and out in a day had all the logistics been in place. Buy genuine auto spares, those are sure to save you money.

(5) Know What Is Not Mandatory

Last but not the least, there is one thing that you need to know and indeed you, like many others, may not know it already. You do not have to go to your dealership for your truck service, repairs and maintenance. All automotive companies have a list of authorised service stations where you can drop of your vehicle for the job. Even if you choose to go to an authorised service station near you and bypass the dealership, you have nothing to worry about.

There you have it. Auto service should not be the hassle and the unavoidable expenditure it has become today. Just call DB Autoshop and we are sure to have some more money saving tips and tricks for you. After all, we don’t just sell auto spares, we build relationships.

written by :- Sayali Bedekar Patil
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