How To Get More Out Of Your 8-ton Truck?
So, you own a 8-ton truck? Whether you bought it because you fell in love with it or bought it because of the usual reasons (was within my budget, was perfect for what I had in mind, was the best option at the time, etc.), it is time you moved past that and treat it as an asset, your asset.

And it is; it is your asset! And it is time you got the most out of it… the most money, the most mileage, the most profits and the most… ugh, least, I meant least; least issues that keep it off the road.

So, how exactly do you get more life out of your truck, by maintaining it of course!

Stick to The Type Of Fuel Required

Your truck probably does not require premium fuel. Yes, you read it right. Filling your truck with the more expensive, high-octane fuel is not just a waste of money, but it could actually damage your truck engine in the longer run. Stick to regular diesel and save hundreds of Rands each year. They don’t write it in the manual just for fun you know.

Don’t Top Your Tank

Yes, yes I know. You’re probably wondering, if I am going for a long haul, why not just top the tank and save the trouble of refuelling again during the journey. That extra fuel you’re trying to get your truck to gulp down is helping no one really. It is just going to seep out or slosh around till you get that diesel odor everywhere around your vehicle. When that automatic nozzle clicks off, that’s when you stop pumping. Trust us. Oh, and do tighten that gas cap please.

Keep It Cool

Yes I know, this is South Africa we’re talking about. It really is sweltering hot here in the summers and there isn’t a thing we can do about it (in the immediate sense I mean, not trivialising the ‘stop global warming’ cause of course). Get one thing straight though. The hotter your truck is, the more it is going to guzzle down on fuel. Try parking your truck in shade or semi shade. Keep the truck interiors cool by investing in a windshield shade that blocks out the hot sun. The cooler your truck is, the more you will save on your yearly fuel costs.

Your truck is designed to operate at a designated temperature. Various clearances, such as bore to piston clearance, are designed considering the temperature under which the truck is going to work. So, it is essential to understand the working temperature of your vehicle and then ensure that it operates at that optimal.

Oh and you could even try clearing out your garage space and actually using it to park your truck. Keeping the truck cool in summer and warm in winter is going to save you a lot more bucks than you think.

Replace the Air Filters Regularly

Did you know that those little things called air filters (which form a standard part of the truck’s service kits) also play a major part in your truck’s performance? When the engine’s air filter gets clogged with dust, grime and dirt, the truck’s fuel efficiency goes down, the engine having to work twice as hard just to get the same output. Clogged air filters can lead to engine overheating and subsequent costly repairs. Research suggests that replacing clogged air filters on a regular basis can save you 10 percent of your total fuel costs per year! Not only should you service your trucks regularly (wherein air filters are replaced) but you should check the state of your filter at every oil change.

DBAutoshop stocks 8-tonner truck service kits and supplies them as needed across South Africa. Should you have trouble finding these 8-tonner truck service kits elsewhere, contact DBAutoshop and get your requirements fulfilled.

Keep Your Engine Tuned

You can be sure that you are overspending on your truck by at least 4 percent if you have been running a truck with an out-of-tune engine or if your truck has failed an emissions test. Regular tune up are not just necessary but almost crucial not just in terms of fuel efficiency but also in terms of safety. Spark plugs too need regular replacement at manufacturer specified intervals. Injectors also need pressure settings at regular intervals as prescribed by the manufacturer. You could easily reduce 30 percent of your fuel costs if you would change that misfiring spark plug. All this of course a normal part of your truck’s regular service and maintenance. Just get yourself to a service centre that stocks quality truck service kits and get your truck’s regular servicing done.

Maintain the Correct Tire Pressure

The best time to check your tire pressure is when your truck has been idle and the wheels are cold. Be sure to follow the tire pressure instructions given in your truck’s manual (or printed on the tyre’s outer casting) and refill whenever needed. Maintaining the correct tire pressure also helps in keeping the fuel averages high; not to mention that it prevents other problems such as those related to the possibility of punctures, etc

Use The Recommended Engine Oil

Yes, yes. Who if ever follows the truck manufacturer’s recommendations to the ‘t’ especially when the recommendations favour a brand or company? But did you know, that you can improve your truck’s mileage by 1 to 2 percent by listening to what they suggest. This definitely does go a long way in maintaining your truck’s health and in your getting the most out of it.

Go For Regular Maintenance And Service

Regular maintenance at service stations where people know what they are doing is truly like giving your truck a new life or a spa relaxation treatment at the very least. Your truck deserves the pampering for all the work it does for you. Don’t forget, go to someone who knows what they are doing; sadly there are so few of those quality mechanics out there now.

Oh and before you go, did we mention that we at DBAutoshop do carry and sell 8-tonner commercial vehicle service kits. Each service kit contains a primary air filter element, a safety air filter element, a cartridge lube oil filter, a fuel water separator, a primary fuel filter, a fuel strainer and a ribbed V. belt. Call us to know more.

Additionally, we also hold and sell smaller 4-tonner commercial vehicle service kits. These truck service kits contain a primary air filter element, a safety air filter element, a spin on filter, a fuel strainer, a spin on fuel water separator and two long V belts. Contact us to know more

written by :- Sayali Bedekar Patil
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