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Anywhere Delivery

We deliver auto parts where you want them delivered. We have three delivery systems for our spare parts (1) self pick up (2) we drive it to you or (3) we use a reliable courier service. We run discount offers on deliveries from time to time. Watch out for them!

Multiple Payment Options

We understand your payment dilemmas. We currently accept cash, direct deposits and direct deposits. We can work out other mutually convenient payment solutions as well. Talk to us regarding any discounts that you might be eligible for, especially the tempting advance cash payment discounts!

On Time Delivery

Timely deliveries are our commitment. We understand the costs of keeping your cars and trucks off road. We understand the hardships you face when we keep you waiting. So when we commit to a parts delivery, we keep the commitment!

Reliable & Reputed

Our business is new, but our team is not. This husband and wife business team has been active in this very local community for almost two decades. We are real people with real products. You can trust us; we are driving our business with our own reputations.

Quality Auto Spares

We trade in high quality car and truck spares. Our products imported directly from our manufacturers and we offer seller’s warranties on them. You will never get substandard quality, counterfeit products or even cheaper goods for temporary quick fixes. Our product assurances do not come with any caveats.

Technical Expertise

Our business may be new but our experience is that of an old, well-loved, well-oiled car. Plus, we live, eat and breathe all things automotive. Get expert solutions for your auto problems from the man who can diagnose the issue from just the sound of your engine! Don’t take our word for it; test us out for yourself.


01 / Attractive Cash Discounts

Make advance cash payments in the full and avail attractive cash discounts that range between 5 and 15 percent! Now that’s a real steal; especially when our prices are so much lower than other local market players already!

02 / Referral Discounts

Refer your friends and family to us as potential customers and get attractive discounts when any of them convert to real customers for us. You can avail the discount you earn this way either on your current invoice or on the next order you make. Have an alternative option? Contact us and we will work it out.

03 / Wholesale Order Incentives

Have a bulk order to make? Why not give us a call first? We can work out attractive wholesale order incentives that make the deal that must sweeter for you. Let us increase your wholesale-retail differential profits for you. After all, both of us are in it for the business!

04 / An Exclusive Partnership

Like our way of doing business and want to be a regular on our customer list? Talk to us right away, for we have been looking for you. Let’s strike a deal on a long-term business deal where you buy from us exclusively (pre-decided products) and we make it totally worth your while in terms of discounted invoices and preferential treatments.


01 / Urgent Order Fulfillment Delivery

Have you been losing a lot of money keeping your truck off the road while it waits for a replacement part? We understand your frustration. Call us; if we stock your parts, they’re yours immediately. We could even drive it down for you. After all, a customer in need is a customer indeed!

02 / Same-Day Delivery

Are you pulling out your hair waiting for a service part that really ought to have been delivered yesterday? Don’t go bald just yet? Call us and ask for the same day delivery option. We have one, you know; unlike, ermm, well, you know, some others!

03 / Self Pick Up Delivery

Have you lost faith in all the ‘will be delivered today’ promises? Human kind is not a lost cause just yet. Just drive down to our location and pick up your order by yourself, on your own terms and in your own time. Call us and we’ll keep it hot and ready for you.

04 / Third Party Courier Delivery

So you require your truck parts in the far, far away land of the Eastern Cape, or the most remote parts of South Africa, is it? Fret no more; our courier partners are standing ready to get your order delivered to a location of your choice. Would you like us to courier your order? Call us and let us know.


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Disclaimer: The manufacturer names, models and pictures on this website are used for reference purposes only. We are not authorised parts dealers for any of the listed manufacturers and are not affiliated to them in any manner whatsoever. None of the products sold by us come with warranties by the manufacturers or even their official distributors and licence holders.

(*) Db Autoshop is not an authorised distributor or reseller of parts and spares pertaining to this simply offers parts that work with automobiles of this brand on seller's warranty.Guarantees and warranties are thus honoured by the seller and not by the brand or any authorised agency associated with brand.

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