I am very glad that Dhananjay, or, DB, as he is affectionately known among friends, is finally fulfilling his dream. DB is a treasure trove of knowledge in the automobile industry spanning three long decades. An outstanding feature is his unrelenting attitude to solve a customer's problem; and I have been witness to many of such experiences, where his never-let-go attitude helped save the organization's reputation.

Krishanu Rakshit

It is an absolute delight to know that DB Autoshop is taking wings under the able leadership of Mr.Dhananjay Bedekar, fondly known as “Danny”. Having known Danny from my previous association with him, through TELCO (Tata Motors and Locomotive Co. Ltd) now known as Tata Motors Ltd, I am sure he can deliver what he promises.

After all he comes from the company, which believes in keeping promises, as the great Mr.Ratan Tata said “A promise is a promise”.

Danny has a deep understanding of the unique needs of the customers and knows how to provide “Customer delight”.

He can surely provide pioneering products and services of outstanding quality and value.

Wishing him all the Best!

Samson Borde,Asst. General Manger-Application Engineering
Our Mission

South Africa has always had a robust demand for automobile spare parts, and a sluggish supply has sometimes kept this demand waiting. DB Autoshop is a brand new, 2016 venture that aims to tap into this demand by providing a timely supply of auto replacement parts and spares at competitively low prices. DB Autoshop is set to sell auto parts sourced directly from the manufacturers to the South African market at competitively low prices

To tell you something about me, I am Dhananjay Bedekar, one of the founders of DB Autoshop. I have a cumulative experience of over 42 years in the automotive industry. My expertise in automotive mechanics spans a wide range of automobiles, from small cars, sedans and hatchbacks, to commercial vehicles like trucks and buses and even heavy-duty construction vehicles. I have worked at all levels of the playing field. Like most old-school TATA employees, I started off by getting my hands dirty on the shop floor and then made my way up the corporate ladder with dedication, integrity and hard work. This was before I called it quits in 2015.

But you know what they say, you can get the grease off a man’s shirt and hands, but you can’t get it out of his blood. If they don’t say it, they certainly should; for that is exactly what happened with me. The very birth of DBAutoshop stemmed from the love of all things automotive that just would not leave the Bedekars (all of us Bedekars, not just me). It stemmed from the very need to stay linked and connected to the automotive industry, an industry that practically gave our family everything.

So, yes, ours is a family venture. Expect us to give it our all, considering we have given it our name too! We want you to encounter honesty, integrity, genuine helpfulness, great service, and low prices from this notoriously supplier-friendly industry for a change.


We have big dreams and a definite vision to make them a reality. But ours in a new venture, and so, to start off, we have kept our product list limited to the following companies. Currently we stock parts that can be used for TATA, Daewoo, KIA, Hyundai, Mahindra, Scania, Man, Volvo, Freightliner & International vehicles. Please note, we are not authorised parts distributors for any of the mentioned brands. We simply offer parts that work with their vehicles, with our own seller warranties. In other words, guarantees and warranties on our parts are honoured by the seller and not by any official of the company / brand, nor by any licensed importer of the company’s parts.. Check our product list for the parts you require and if you have a requirement that is not listed there, contact us and we’ll work something out.

Meet Our Work Team
Dhananjay Bedekar
The original automobile doctor turned entrepreneur. As Director of DBAutoshop, I am the vision behind the company, the brain behind the stocking and the force behind the sales.
Vrushali Bedekar
The original organizer and facilitator turned businesswoman. As CEO of DBAutoshop, I am the power behind the day-to-day operations, the authority behind functional decisions and the risk assessor.
Rachana Bedekar
The original morale booster and cheerleader turned advisor. As a stakeholder of DBAutoshop, I provide valuable ground level feedback and offer advice regarding the day-to-day functions of the business. I provide excel tools for business too.

Don’t find what you’re looking for or want a tailor-made deal, leave your details and we’ll get back to you

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DB Autoshop
Postal address
PO Box No 2766
Sunninghill 2157
South Africa

Disclaimer: The manufacturer names, models and pictures on this website are used for reference purposes only. We are not authorised parts dealers for any of the listed manufacturers and are not affiliated to them in any manner whatsoever. None of the products sold by us come with warranties by the manufacturers or even their official distributors and licence holders.

(*) Db Autoshop is not an authorised distributor or reseller of parts and spares pertaining to this simply offers parts that work with automobiles of this brand on seller's warranty.Guarantees and warranties are thus honoured by the seller and not by the brand or any authorised agency associated with brand.

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